Vibrant yet relaxing, bustling yet chilled, The Bhaji Shop has retained its distinctive enticing ambience since it expanded into new premises at the heart of the Kelham Island district. A labour of love from brother and sister Matthew and Melissa Holdsworth, The Bhaji Shop Thali Café is a family affair with heart and soul. The siblings come from a catering background. They grew up surrounded by a passion for food, as well as the unmistakable aroma of the renowned onion bhaji that made their parents’ business such a success.

When they stumbled upon their original premises on chesterfield Road, the tiny building was crying out for some TLC. Taking a gamble on the unassuming spot, the siblings spent a long time making it something special. Thanks to Matt’s skills in joinery and Melissa’s love of colour, fabrics and interior design, they eventually created a place that would be a suitable home for the delicious food they had in mind.

Paying homage to the simple onion bhaji from which their fathers business grew, combined with the influence of Melissa’s recent travels in India, their thali café began to take shape.

For Melissa, it was not only the flavours and freshness of indian food that inspired her, but the style and versatility of the cuisine.

They worked on a simple menu that has the flexibility to change every day – thalis, small plates wraps, salads, fresh juices and, of course their famous bhaji.

Soon they were bursting at the seams and they hated turning customers away. It was time to move on to larger premises.The new space is airy and bright – Melissa’s love of design has once again created one warmth and vitality through fabrics, and colours, music and light.

In the kitchen, Matt has handed over lots of the cooking to Nikki, whose creativity with spices aromatics has kept their loyal customers coming back time and time again. Ruby, a key part of the team from the start, is usually the one behind those irresistible juices and fresh salads. Not forgetting Matt and Melissa’s mum Pat, who makes the fresh desserts daily – customers come down there specifically for Pat’s cheesecakes.

The Restaurant

Mobile Catering

They have recently celebrated a new addition to the family in the shape of ‘The Thali Truck’, which is popping up at street food markets and events across Sheffield and even further afield.

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It’s a family business through and through and that includes the whole family of the close-knit team. It’s certainly got that vibe of a happy family – smiling staff, relaxed atmosphere and effortlessly friendly service… the perfect accompaniments to those delicious dishes.