Moor Market’s Bhaji Shop Deli, its sister business Bhaji Shack on Chesterfield Road, and mobile event catering from the Thali Truck have been a labour of love for brother and sister Matthew and Melissa Holdsworth. It’s always been a family affair, as they grew up amidst a business run by their parents centred around honest, homemade food and always accompanied by aromas of cuisines from around the world. The staff today are like an extended family, brought together by the people at its heart who have been with the business since its beginnings.

Love and joy go into everything the close-knit team cook up, alongside fresh meat and vegetables sourced from the Moor Market. Traditional recipes are always at the core but enlivened with signature style and new trends. Each venue has been designed with enthusiasm, decorated with flair and splashed with colour to match the unique attention to detail that goes into the food, putting the stamp of quality and care on everything they do. The three working kitchens look as inviting as the food they serve, so whether you’ve tucked into festival fare from the truck or indulged in freshly cooked delights from the delis, you’ll recognise the love of great food that always shines through.

Mobile Catering

They have recently celebrated a new addition to the family in the shape of ‘The Thali Truck’, which is popping up at street food markets and events across Sheffield and even further afield.

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It’s a family business through and through and that includes the whole family of the close-knit team. It’s certainly got that vibe of a happy family – smiling staff, relaxed atmosphere and effortlessly friendly service… the perfect accompaniments to those delicious dishes.