Corporate Catering
Lunch Menu

“We’re Not Beige!”

Full of fresh produce with colour & flavour

Minimum order 10 people

Roti Wraps
Choose from sticky paneer, tandoori chicken OR bhaji
(all filled with crunchy salad, chutneys and yoghurt & mint)

2 daily salads
Spicy platter – With onion bhaji, spinach bhajis, vegetable or lamb samosas, yoghurt & mint and mango chutney

Add £1.50 for a dessert

Spice up your menu by adding some street delights.

All comes with compostable plates, cutlery and napkins

We make fresh juices daily – perfect for a vitamin boost £3

Delivery £8 within 3 mile radius. Free delivery for orders over £150. Please give us at least 48 hours notice.

Street Food Delights

Items Cost
1 Item £4/head
2 Items £7.50/head
3 Items £11/head
  • Red pepper & paneer skewers – V
  • Chicken skewers/wings
  • Lamb kofta Kashmiri served with beetroot & mint raita
  • Pori (pizza style flatbreads)
  • Mini pea & potato dosa served with lilli chatni – VG
  • Aubergine & paneer rolls with poori – V
  • Sweetcorn, chilli & feta fritters served with sweet chilli sauce – V
  • Thai style fish cakes served with sweet chilli sauce
  • Spicy platter – with onion bhaji, spinach bhajis, vegetable or lamb samosas, yoghurt & mint and mango chutney

Catering Menu

Minimum order 10 people
(additional £1 if ordering lamb curry)
Simply Curry & Rice £6/head

1 Curry & Rice (View Curries)

Curry Nights £10/head
2 curries
Flat Bread
1 street delight

Bhaji Shop Thali Menu £15/head
1 street food delight
1 curry
1 salad
Breads &amp Chutneys

Bhaji Shop King Thali £20/head
2 street delights
2 curries
2 salads
Breads & Chutneys


All delivered with compostable thali trays, knives & forks and napkins. Any equipment must be returned within 48 hrs. Any equipment not returned within this time will incur a £15 collection fee. We love cooking outside so if you have a BBQ or outside kitchen let us know and leave the rest to us.


We also love the opportunity to be creative and welcome requests for bespoke menus

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Vegetable Curries

Red pepper & paneer V
Chickpea masala V VG GF
Pea & potato curry V VG GF
Saag aloo V VG GF
Spinach, courgette & tomato channa dhal V VG GF
Thai green vegetable curry V VG GF
Butternut & Green Bean Curry V VG GF
Lentil dhal V VG GF

Meat & Fish

Chicken Korma GF (Contains nuts)
Butter Chicken GF
Keralan Chicken GF
Beef & mushroom madras
Beef massaman GF DF
Lamb bhuna
Coconut salmon & prawn V VG GF